Covered by Moleskine – The Lost Lectures

We’re happy to introduce the first episode of the Covered by Moleskine* series, from the New York leg of The Lost Lectures.

*A classic medium revisited: paper pages, digitally enhanced. On Covered by Moleskine, we send our visual correspondents to attend some of the most interesting events, conferences and festivals around the world, and document it on the ivory paper of the Moleskine notebook. They describe the people they meet, what they see, hear and feel through a combination of drawing and writing, then digitize to share.

The Lost Lectures bring a series of unique talks in secret, elusive locations revealed only a few days prior to the event. In the New York appointment, co-produced for the second year in a row by art zine Hyperallergic, speakers like writer Jon Ronson, filmmaker Josephine Decker or the band Blonde Redhead took turns at the podium, as visual journalist Lori Richmond live-reported the talks through her sketches and illustrations for Covered by Moleskine.

Her sketches were posted live on social, making Lost Lectures in New York probably the first secret event to be live-broadcast on a Moleskine notebook.

Since we don’t like showing up empty-handed, we printed an exclusive batch of Custom Edition notebooks dedicated to Lost Lectures, for the first 100 attendees to arrive. Needless to say, they were gone fairly quickly.

Lost Lectures Report 6.21

Lost Lectures Report 6.27


Lost Lectures Report 6.22

credit: Tod Seelie

Lost Lectures Report 6.29

credit: Tod Seelie


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Author of the Month June – Josefina Jolly

After a few days of scheduled maintenance, it is time to pick up right where we left off with  another edition of An Author A Month.

This month’s winner is a young, multi-talented artist hailing all the way from Buenos Aires, Argentina. A world traveller with a knack for on-location sketching, Josefina Jolly took home the prize by a wide margin. We caught up with her to learn more about her art, and here’s what she told us.

“I work full time at a local airline, and spend my lunch breaks sketching the buildings around town. When I am travelling, I like to get away from the crowds and sit somewhere quiet to draw the sites.”

Josefina sketches on a Moleskine Watercolour album from the Art Plus Collection, but doesn’t use watercolours: instead, she prefers 0.05mm black drawing pens.


Sketching isn’t Josefina’s only talent either.

“The first thing I did on my very first Moleskine sketchbook was to draw a recipe. Some time later, that drawing became a book of illustrated recipies, also shaped as a sketchbook, which I called Cocinar y Dibujar.” 

As an avid traveller, Josefina has contributed to myMoleskine with a number of artworks from her trips. That is the case of”Pisa”, one of her most popular artworks.

josefina - pisa


“Last spring I visited Pisa, Italy, and while I was working on my sketch I noticed that I was the only one there not involved in a “let’s hold the leaning tower” selfie attempt. But that only lasted for so long, as a group of Australian students saw me drawing and started taking selfies holding the tower in my sketchbook instead. I wish I had those pictures”.

Do you want to be our next Author of the Month, or simply have some Moleskine pages you’d love the whole Moleskine world to see? Just head on to myMoleskine, and submit your art.

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Site Under Maintenance

Moleskinerie is currently under scheduled maintenance until Thursday, July 16th.

You will still be able to read existing posts, and we’ll resume posting again right after that. However, please be advised that you won’t be able to post in the comment section.

Have a great day everyone,

Moleskinerie Staff

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Author of the Month – June

A big thank you to everyone who has been sharing their artworks on myMoleskine last month. We looked at every one of the over 200 submissions we published and narrowed down the 3 most active artists on our gallery, to bring your three new Author of the Month finalists.

The great deal of beautiful artworks has not made this an easy task, but we managed to round up three talented finalists, whose work surely won’t disappoint you.

Pisa - contributed by Josefina Jolly

Pisa – contributed by Josefina Jolly

The Dude - contributed by Lina Riddle

The Dude – contributed by Lina Riddle

Treehouse Village Hideout - contributed by NihilXII

Treehouse Village Hideout – contributed by NihilXII

Which one’s your favorite?

Pick your winner by heading on to our voting page and hit the “Like” button to place your vote.

Would you like to be considered for next month’s edition? Or do you have some pages in your notebook you would like the whole Moleskine world to see? just go on to myMoleskine and submit your images!

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Halfway Through 2015

half-wayWe are officially halfway through 2015.

Six months have passed, and we enter a special time of year. The bookmark is around the Summer Solstice, and a new season begins. The days are longest, and midsummer bonfires light up the northern nights.

All around the world, planners are half full.
It is the perfect time to look to the six months ahead, and reflect on the ones already behind us.

To celebrate this time of year, a new Creativity Challenge has started on the Moleskine website, asking you to show your diary or notebook at the halfway mark of 2015.

Just like every Creativity Challenge, if your submission is the best among the three most voted ones, you’ll receive a box filled with Moleskine treats, delivered right to your doorstep. More than one entry can be submitted, as long as you use the tag #M_halfwaythrough.

Have fun, and good luck!

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Moleskine at Adobe Creative Jam in San Francisco

What happens when you gather some of the most talented designers from a city and have them square off in a creative tournament?

That’s what we set out to find out, when Moleskine participated in the latest Adobe Creative Jam in San Francisco on April 21, 2015.

Co-sponsered by SODA (Society of Digital Agencies), the event saw 8 teams of designers compete against each other to develop and present a campaign idea, in three hours and with no rules, based on a topic released at the start of the event. The topic was a quote by the late Robin Williams:


For the occasion, Moleskine supplied all 8 teams with a Smart Notebook, Creative Cloud connected to use in the competition. This enabled the teams to create quickly on the paper, and then take the work into their favourite Creative Cloud tool in the blink of an eye.


Many of the contestants had never tried the Smart Notebook before the event, but it sure looked like they loved it right away – some of them even taking their sketch directly into their concept presentation.


As part of the competition, designers also had to present their concept to the audience.adobe-creative-jam

It is no secret that a fair deal of our best ideas start on the paper, and having a paper tool that takes handwritten ideas straight to your Creative Cloud software of choice may prove much more than just a great time saver.

Have you ever laid hands on a Moleskine Smart Notebook, Creative Cloud connected? We’d love to hear how you fit it into your creative process, so feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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Author of the Month May – Tom Joyce

Thanks to everyone who helped us choose our new Author of the Month.

Our featured artist this month is British illustrator Tom Joyce, one of the most prolific artists on myMoleskine this year. After contributing with a handful of very popular artworks, Tom finally took home the prize with a wide margin.

Tom joyce 4

A freelance illustrator based in the United Kingdom, Tom Joyce has a lifelong passion for drawing.
“I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. When I draw, the world is at my fingertips and nothing is impossible, there are no restrictions to what I can create.”

Tom has a penchant for detailed, imaginative characters, and fills Moleskine pages with literally hundreds of them.

“Many of my Moleskine illustrations come from experimenting. I love to empty my mind onto a sketchbook page, and seeing how much detail I can fill one page with. Plus monsters are amazing to draw.”


Unlike his complex artworks, Tom’s tool kit is very simple.

“I draw with Uni Ball Pin Black Technical Drawing Marker Pen 0.1mm, and a Moleskine Sketchbook.”

“I was given my first Moleskine Sketchbook as a gift for my birthday one year. It was small enough for me to take it everywhere and I was compelled to fill every page. From then on, I have had a Moleskine addiction and now have over 20 in my collection, from pocket size to A3.”

We closed our chat by asking Tom for an inspirational quote to share with Moleskinerie readers, and this is what we got:Quotation

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10 Beautiful Moleskine Portraits on myMoleskine

Ever since its inception, myMoleskine has been a go-to destination for Moleskine artists and lovers who were looking to showcase their talent, join Creativity Challenges or simply look for some inspiration.

Breeze - contributed by Arely Perusquia

Breeze – contributed by Arely Perusquia

At well over 40000 published artworks, myMoleskine truly has some hidden gems.
As we continue on our mission to bring you the the cream of the crop, here are a few of the best Moleskine portraits that we’ve come across over the years on myMoleskine.

Which one’s your favorite?

Is there an artwork that didn’t make the cut, feel free to let us know. And if you would like your work to be featured, simply head on to myMoleskine and submit your art, for the whole Moleskine world to see.

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5 Quirky Questions to: Alex Pachikov from Evernote

Great minds might think alike, but most of them don’t work the same way.

We set out on a journey to discover the secrets of the work of the people behind the most innovative companies and organizations in the world.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be catching up with outside-the-box thinkers and professionals that balance their work life on a savvy mix of digital and analog tools.

Introducing our first guest, Alex Pachikov, VP of partnerships at Evernote.


What can technology learn from paper?
Durability, portability, battery life and sharing.

Who do you owe the most to among the following: Johannes Gutenberg, Alexander Graham Bell, Lumière Brothers?
Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the phone, that eventually became a portable, always-connected computer that makes it possible for me not to use a phone.

Honest answer: how long could you last in an offline, tech-free environment?
Probably a few days, or until I lose track of time.

What do you feel when you look at a blank page (paper, screen, etc)?
I feel that it might be taking too long to load.

What’s your best productivity tip you’d like to show the world?
If you could only do 1 thing today, what would that be? Only do that that one thing.

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An Author A Month – May Finalists

Thanks to everybody who shared their art on myMoleskine last month. We received over 200 submissions in May, with plenty of new artists joining in from every corner of the world.

Just like every month, we narrowed down the most prolific contributors to bring you our three finalists, and you get to pick our new Author of the Month.

Meet this month’s finalists:

Daily Doodle day 5 - contributed by Josh

Daily Doodle day 5 – contributed by Josh

Monsters Mayhem - contributed by Tom Joyce

Monsters Mayhem – contributed by Tom Joyce

Head in the Starry Night - contributed by NihilXIII

Head in the Starry Night – contributed by NihilXIII

Which one is your favorite?

Pick your winner by heading on to our voting page, and hit the “Like” button to place your vote.

If you want to be considered for next month’s edition, or simply have some pages off your notebook you would like the whole Moleskine world to see, just go on to myMoleskine and submit your images!

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