This Week on Moleskinerie

Jan 26 Wallpaperie The first of our monthly downloadable wallpapers Jan 27 Dervala Writes A prolific blogger notes “This is the kind of nonsense I can really get behind.” Jan 27 “What Do We Write?” Contributor Mike Shea asks. Jan... Read More


Takaatsu Yanagihara

Irashaimasu! Moleskinerie welcomes Takaatsu Yanagihara, a professor of Spanish Literature in Tokyo Visit his site @ View his journal at the... Read More


The Moleskine is not the Message

Witold Riedel has an interesting post today related to the sudden hipness of Moleskines. His words got me thinking about the separation of the Moleskine (the object) and what we can do in them (the process and the message). This... Read More


Witold Riedel

“I can not really put my finger on it, something about this great moleskine popularity explosion worries me. You know, there is this little product we love to use, and it is a very intimate little thing that we carry... Read More


With a Jean-Pierre Lépine pen

“I’m still happy with my 2004 Moleskine diary. Not only do I use it for appointments and reminders but I can get rid of thoughts that come up as well. Only disadvantage is I can’t really use a fountain pen... Read More


Shawn Low

Thanks for setting up the site. I’ve contemplated whether I wanted to join this community. A part of me has always been put off by Moleskine users who are part of the fashion glitterati and parade with their notebooks as... Read More


“Cold Tracks”

01 28 04/ 1.06 P.M. C.S.T. Found items, roadside rest stop somewhere in the U.S. Midwest. What happened here? The best explanation to this mystery (in 500 words or less) wins a copy of “Everyday Matters”, specially autographed for Moleskinerie... Read More


What Do We Write?

We have talked about what we write on and what we write with but none of that matters as much as what we actually write. Our fancy notebooks are only as good as what we put in them. What do... Read More


Dervala Writes

“Moleskinerie is a journal devoted to these fetish notebooks and the jottings they invite. This is the kind of nonsense I can really get behind. I filled four of the large, lined Moleskines with travel notes last year, used a... Read More