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“Moleskinerie is a journal devoted to these fetish notebooks and the jottings they invite. This is the kind of nonsense I can really get behind. I filled four of the large, lined Moleskines with travel notes last year, used a small one for to-do lists, and finally ditched all the handheld electronica for a Moleskine address book and a Uniball. Gadget pushers, bless their hearts, have no idea just how tethering their toys are.”

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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  1. Lohr says:

    I very much agree with Dervala here. A Palm Pilot or a BlackBerry just lacks the panache of pulling out a Moleskine (and perhaps a silver propelling pencil) to make notes… Yes– one day, a Montblanc Diplomat! There’s no small amount of enjoyment in getting behind the legend of the Moleskine– one of those rare moments where the quite useful becomes delightfully fun.

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