Got Buttons?


What would a fansite be without buttons? So, here freshly minted is a special 1" button set inspired by the colors of Moleskine.

Send $5.00  via PayPal  for a set of 9 buttons (U.S. shipping included/ email us for international orders).

Please be reminded that these 1" buttons/badges are not toys for children and may cause choking and other injuries if improperly handled.


For the curious, these are a few of the thematic logo design
variations that has appeared on Moleskinerie to mark different
occasions.  Email us in advance to commemorate your National Day, etc.


Credits: "Olympics" © Athens2004, "Harry Potter" © Warner Brothers

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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5 Responses to Got Buttons?

  1. Michael says:

    I just got my buttons in the mail. I believe Will Smith said it best when he said, “Damn…”

    Really, they are supercool. Thank you very much for getting them made and making them available.


  2. Alex Coxe says:

    Thank you very much for including a yellow and a blue “sleeved” Moleskinerie button with my sXe buttons. And of course, thank you for my sXe buttons as well.


  3. Joan Gemma L. Reyes says:

    Hi to all moleskinatics! I enjoy reading this site, it is so cool and artpacked. Love to read them all! Keep up the good work Armand, i support you with my prayers. Godbless!

  4. carolina says:

    does someone know if where to get the buttons in UK?
    thank you!!!!

  5. Peri says:

    Any new updates on the buttons? Would love to see a new set of Moleskine Buttons!

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