Got Buttons?


What would a fansite be without buttons? So, here freshly minted is a special 1" button set inspired by the colors of Moleskine.

Send $5.00  via PayPal  for a set of 9 buttons (U.S. shipping included/ email us for international orders).

Please be reminded that these 1" buttons/badges are not toys for children and may cause choking and other injuries if improperly handled.


For the curious, these are a few of the thematic logo design
variations that has appeared on Moleskinerie to mark different
occasions.  Email us in advance to commemorate your National Day, etc.


Credits: "Olympics" © Athens2004, "Harry Potter" © Warner Brothers

5 thoughts on “Got Buttons?

  1. I just got my buttons in the mail. I believe Will Smith said it best when he said, “Damn…”

    Really, they are supercool. Thank you very much for getting them made and making them available.


  2. Thank you very much for including a yellow and a blue “sleeved” Moleskinerie button with my sXe buttons. And of course, thank you for my sXe buttons as well.


  3. Hi to all moleskinatics! I enjoy reading this site, it is so cool and artpacked. Love to read them all! Keep up the good work Armand, i support you with my prayers. Godbless!

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