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Huan ying. Bienvenidos. Irashaimasu. Welkom. Merhaba. Maligayang pagdating. Bienvenue. Bruchim habayim. Willkommen. Bem-vindo. Hwangyong-hamnida. Benvenuti!

Where is everybody from? The Moleskinerie Log Book is now open. Please sign in.

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  1. I’ve been slowly acquiring these little treasures for years and I’ve finally put pen to paper and started up a log of ideas and happenings. Ringing in from SoCal.

  2. Moleskine plain pocket is my favorite. Now I can do what I want to do, draw or write!

    Using a 0.5 (Uniball vision micro) or 0.38 (Uniball RT) means that the writing is waterproof. If it gets wet, I can still read it. Or I can watercolor or wash my sketches.


  3. You have been a part of my life for decades, keeper of ideas, chroniclers of useful and useless notes, and handy language translator…via sketches and much arm waving. I get excited when I know I’ll be getting a new Moleskin booklet… a fresh start.

    Thank You


  4. Hello from Northern California! I am a new convert and have been so happy with my Moleskin, I have three different types, one large watercolor, one large blank, and then I also use a pocket sized blank. I use them for my art, and tend to use Rotring pens as my favorite tool that is except in my watercolor which I use various watercolors. I have fallen in love with the paper, just the way they feel and how wonderful they are to be able to carry with me wherever I go. I am so thankful that this product is available.

  5. Hello there stranger !
    Since a year I have a Moleskine ruled notebook and almost every day there’s something to write in it. I’m a reader, so I often copy some lines or a quotation which strikes me. Now I bought two other ones, a squared and a plain notebook, just for change and to feel the difference. My favourite fountainpen is an old black Pelikan, with golden pen and filled with black Pelikan 4001 ink. Before I kept daybooks by typing them, in the 60’s on an old Remington, later on I used a computer, but now I prefer handwriting, because the ink is flowing gently on the paper, as it were my own warm blood. There is a stronger and more intensive relation with the words on the paper. Perhaps its imaginary, I don’t discuss it, but it feels good.
    I’m from Belgium, Ostend by the sea, and I’m Flemish, Dutch-speaking.
    Kind regards.

  6. My name is Essa and I’m from the Philippines. My first Moleskine was the city edition, on Berlin. Legends aside, I am obsessed with the quality of the paper. I have since acquired a 2008 diary (in red). I collect words that makes sentences sparkle, and my Moleskine is the perfect jewelry box. Moleskine makes for a wonderful and memorable writing experience.

  7. Finally found you through the Flickr Group. Glad to have you bookmarked now for tips, techniques, hilights etc. I’ve been using moleskins now for several years and for all sorts of purposes; work, art, personal notekeeping, travel etc.

  8. I love Moleskine notebooks, and I love this site! Just visiting here usually inspires me to write. I use the blank notebooks, and I write in them sideways…. turning the long side of the journal horizontal. I find this easier for writing on my lap. I write quite a bit during church services, conferences, and that sort of thing. I love to doodle in them too, and sometimes I’ll doodle impressions I’m getting from a speaker I’m hearing rather than writing notes.

  9. Hello from Brisbane, Australia!
    Love Moleskines, use them for journaling, and love this site. In fact, I use it as my homepage to stay inspired. Thanks for the hard work!

  10. Hallo from the Netherlands (Hoorn). I love writing, making lists… even though I am a total nerd and like to do a lot digitally, nothing beats writing it yourself. I have several moleskines, two hard cover, lined, large notebooks (one for work, one for private studying), one pocket planner and one info book for GTD lists. I also have several volant notebooks (pink and green sets) for those occasions that warrant a lot of notes so they are better served with their own notebook (vacation planning for example). I have tried other notebooks, but Moleskine is just so nice and plain. Makes me love the fact I have a note filled notebook.
    Oh, for my birthday (only a month away) I will get a leather cover for my work moleskine made to order by Sojourner Leatherwork. I already took a peek at it, and it’s lovely!
    For writing I use a four color Bic pen. I feel like such a nerd, but the colors let me organize my notes really well.

  11. Hello! My wife introduced me to Moleskines a couple of years ago, before we were married and before we even met face-too-face, since she was in Australia and I was here in Philadelphia.

    One of the first things we connected on was our mutual love of stationary and pens. Then, she mentioned Moleskines and I haven’t looked back since. They are my favorite notebooks to write and sketch in.

    Looking forward to the Philadelphia City Book 🙂

  12. Hi everybody, I´m Kerstin from Munich, Germany. I´ve had Moleskine Notebooks for about 15 years, but only 2 years ago I started using them obsessivly. That was when I discovered the Sketchbooks, Watercolor Moleskines and the Japanese Folds. I do need to stop buying them, but now that I´ve seen the leaher versions and some colored special editions that won´t be an easy task. 🙂

  13. I have been reading all these comments, and came upon my first comment ever posted on here. 1/15/2005. That was the first time I discovered M and this site.

    I love this site. I love being part of this community. Everyone understands why we do this. Its hard to explain to others. Im here.

  14. Love Moleskines, love the Moleskinerie.

    Started actively using on this year, and although at first I found it hard to write down whatever’s on my mind (sometimes still is), it’s getting easier, and I’m about halfway through my first notebook.

  15. Bonjour from France! coming from Mallorca, stoping a long time in Venezuela, continuing to Québec and Vancouver, playing there and now in France. Love Moleskines! (don’t know how many do I have…some of them waiting there to be filled…I use several at same time: a concertina, an agenda, a blanck one and a watercolour (the only one that is big size)

  16. Hi! I’m in Vancouver, BC, and have had a minor Moleskine addiction for a few years now. Worst moment: losing my calendar one October – a year’s worth of notes, and two more months of important dates, gone!

    In my calendars, I keep track of my work schedule: hooping dance classes, custom hula hoop orders, private and group knitting lessons, and springboard diving classes.

    In my blank notebooks, I sketch out ideas for my knitwear pattern collection, plans for jewelry to make for myself, and packing lists for my various journeys.

    I visited Japan this summer, and I was sad that Tokyo wasn’t available in your city books just yet… but had a glorious trip with a blank journal now filled with maps and ticket stubs and tourist guides and stamps and sketches!

    Next on my to-do list: making leather slipcovers for my Moleskines with integrated pen holders. Woot!

  17. Greetings from Vegas!

    I first found out about Moleskines from a book by Roland Smith called “Peak”. Since then I’ve been too curious to resist journaling and sketching on Moleskines. I don’t have a fixed location for very long, so I was lucky to come upon some. I am originally from Cebu City, Philippines. Then I transfered to Hong Kong, California, London, then finally to Las Vegas. Looking back on all my adventures and writing them all down on my Moleskines really brings back alot of memories; good or bad.

    Nice to meet you all.

  18. Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    I’d indecently caressed a slew of Moleskines in bookstores around Melbourne for the longest time but took the relationship no further. A good friend got tired of me groping hers and she finally (carefully) tore a couple of pages of perfectly proportioned squared pages, presenting them to me with mumblings of “enough already. just take it.” She is gracious and charitable indeed.

    I finally purchased Ms of my very own whilst on holiday in Rome. What better souvenir than a reminder of the little bookshop near the Trevi each time I use them?

  19. Hello from Hollywood,Florida. I have to say I have purchased a sketchbook and lined notebook, both pocket sizes, in the last week or so and it seems to have awakened something inside me. I guess over the years my “creative” side was asleep but now I can thank Moleskine for awakening that in me again….Cheers!

  20. Originally from Turkey, living in Toronto Canada since 1970.
    Greetings to all the Moleskine addicts.

  21. Hi there, I am a first-time Moleskine owner, and I’ve used my first first of Volants as “friendship notebooks” so I can spread the joy from Ontario, Canada!

  22. 3 years ago, i crafted my own “moleskine” notebook with real leather cover… when the real moleskine arrived in Cebu City, Philippines, i bought 3 soft cover plain notebooks… they became my mobile studio…
    i’m an architect and so obviously, drawing and sketching are the things i do everyday… this moleskine documents all of them!
    imho, moleskine is a must for architects and designers!

  23. I have been using them since 1997, at the start of the Modo Modo craze. Found my first one at the Washington DC Museum of Modern Art and I haven’t looked back once since. I list all things Moleskine at the top of most of my lists. Cheers.

  24. I live in Northern Virginia but I’m originally from Oxford, England. I recently purchased my first two-pack of (green) Moleskin notebooks. I kept one for myself and gave one to my son, a college student. Within a couple of days we were both enthusiastic Moleskin converts. They are perfect – practical, incredibly lightweight, attractive and are pleasant for the hand and the eye. I’m an editor and writer so it’s wonderful to have a lovely little notebook to jot down notes, observations and ideas and that fits conveniently in a pocket or a purse. I see many Moleskins in both of our futures.

  25. I don’t consider it an addiction if all of my Moleskines are in use.

    By the time I have a volant (pocket) in my handbag for random on-the-go lists, several Soft Cover Pockets for random research, a Passions Film and Book journal for posterity and a collection of spares for when I fill the others….. wait, yeah, I take that back, it’s an addiction.

    So let me rephrase, it may well be an addiction, but it works for me.

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