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Mollies love to write. Here are excerpts from emails we got and postings from their own websites. Thanks everyone for spreading the word.

Note: Michaelangelo reproduction letter from the Fabriano Museo della Carta e della Filigrana

“… a new site for lovers of the little notebook (as used by David Bowie, Henry VIII, Mother Teresa and Attila the Hun, to name but a few) called the Moleskinerie. There is a gallery of scanned pages too. Good luck with the site…

(No moles were harmed during the making of this post).”

Julius Welby

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  1. N wrote from Sweden:

    “Hi there!
    Little black books are an interesting area right now, there seems to be a lot of design interest in the field, at least in europe. Sweden (i’m in Stockholm, by the way) has two enormously popular notebook abels, or rather office-stuff franchises with notebooks as a central part:
    and . Bookbinders Design are excellent, truly beautiful notebook-objects. But Moleskine takes the cake for portability and versatility. I have lots and lots, lovingly smudged with black ink, and with the odd photograph pasted to the pages.:)

    I guess what I wanted to say was that I’ll be hanging around your blog, that little black books are just as important that both you and me thought they were, and that I want to thank you for Moleskinerie!”

  2. S wrote:

    “Wow. I guess they have fans. I’m afraid I find mine so damn nice (and difficult to replace now that I’m not in Germany any more) that I rarely write in the things.”

  3. N wrote from Brazil:

    “Aplaudo a iniciativa! Infelizmente não vou poder participar, uma vez que ando pelas holandas…. Espero que tudo corra bem…”

  4. “January 21, 2004

    moleskine obsession…

    I don’t have a moleskine, although I’ve craved one for some time and I suspect that I might be purchasing one soon after reading the entries on moleskinerie and seeing some of the photos and images.

    The website has only been in existence for a week yet already it’s attracting luminaries from the world of art and design, and people obsessed by moleskines.

    This is the bit about the web that I love. If you can just hit on the right idea at the right time, tap into the mood of the moment, you can suddenly find yourself all over the place and attracting huge numbers of hits.

    People deliberately try to achieve this and fail; others achieve it without even trying.

    Posted by vanillasky at January 21, 2004 08:46 PM”

    Thanks Nicola!
    Vanillasky blog

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  6. Reiner of wrote:

    We’re all big Moleskin fans here in the office, in fact, at seminars, I always urge would-be trend watchers to buy three things: a good digital camera, a wifi enabled computer or PDA, and a Moleskine note book!!! Please keep us in the loop of any new initiatives in the future, and hope you will continue to enjoy our newsletters!

  7. hi, i just wanted to know what the moleskine material is made of….is it leather or something similar?

  8. From BBCi :
    “The name (officially pronounced mol-a-skeen-a, although it can vary) comes from the French spelling of ‘moleskin’, which the oilcloth covering resembles…

  9. i use my moles for writing koreografies when im out doing stunts and stagefight, in sted of having a note pad that always seems to go missing!
    but with a moleskine i don´t have that problem!
    even the panel type moleskine is great for doing story boarding so everybody from sound, lighting , sfx, director, costume can follow!!
    even the actores seems to grasp the concept

  10. I use my Moleskine mainly as a memo book/ sketchbook/ idea catcher, so I date all my entries.

    When the book is almost filled up, I reserve the last couple of pages for an index. I write the date, then some keywords related to that entry. If the entry isn’t worth referring to, I just write the date. It’s nice to have a little personalized index when I *know* something’s in there but just can’t find it.

  11. I’m surprised to find that there is such a following for the notebooks. I was doing a Google search for a cheap source of Moleskine books and came upon this log. I’ve been using these books as ethnographic fieldnote books for a while (before knowing they were a trend!). If any of you know of a cheap internet source for these books, email me. I’m currently in Ghana, West Africa studying the Chinese expatriate communities here. I know mailing the notebooks here will be expensive. *sigh* But they are the near-perfect fieldnote book.

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