Moleskine Pens?

As unhealthy as many people see my obsession with faux-leather over-priced Italian pocket notebooks, its pens that is my secret addiction. I would love to hear what types of writing instruments people use with their Moleskines.

What pens or pencils do you use when writing in your Moleskine?

I have a variety of pens that I use but the ink is almost always the same. Pilot G2 .7mm archival ink. You can pick up Pilot G2 pens for about $1 each. You can pick up a very nice Pilot Dr. Grip Gel at just about any grocery or drug store. There really isn’t a need for a big fancy $20 to $50 pen, but there are some real nice ones out there.


I’ve spent more money than I want to admit on fancy pens by Rotring and Waterman but there isn’t any real reason to use anything more than a Pilot Dr. Grip Gel.

So, what type of pens, ink, or pencils does the rest of the Moleskine community use?