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Moleskine Pens?

As unhealthy as many people see my obsession with faux-leather over-priced Italian pocket notebooks, its pens that is my secret addiction. I would love to hear what types of writing instruments people use with their Moleskines. What pens or pencils … Continue reading

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Moleskinerie is. At unbillable hours [Thanks TPB]

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The LIMITED EDITION Touch Ruled Pocket journals are made of the same quality materials as other Moleskine journals – with the added character of a 3-dimensional texture on the cover. MoleskineUS Feel it. … [Thanks Justin]

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Recent comment: “I’m curious, the only guys I know who have blogged about moleskines are all Mac users. Is there a correlation? – or just more snobbery ??” Discuss.

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Discuss Amongst Yourselves

In a recent post, a Mollie left this comment: “Ciao from Milan,Italy! Just to let you know: Moleskine here is becoming more and more a fashion fact than an attitute (Modo & Modo, the producer, is based here)…It was so … Continue reading

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“The following sites are the most contagious information currently spreading in the weblog community. 1001 Cheney’s grim vision: decades of war / Vice president says Bu…… » track this site | 2 links HS Culture 20.1.2004 – Nokia’s new … Continue reading

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Nick Southall

“Wednesday, January 21, 2004 The Increasing(ly beautiful) Insanity Of The Outside World Some time ago I made reference on here to the fact that I use a Moleskine notebook, the type favoured by Henry VIII and Hemmingway and Attila The … Continue reading

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Mike Rohde

WorkPod Modular Computing Concept A glimpse at a world famous designer’s Moleskine. View larger image @ the Moleskinerie Gallery Visit Rohdesign

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Mail Call

Mollies love to write. Here are excerpts from emails we got and postings from their own websites. Thanks everyone for spreading the word. Note: Michaelangelo reproduction letter from the Fabriano Museo della Carta e della Filigrana … “… a new … Continue reading

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Danny Gregory

On Martin Luther King Day. From the sketchbook of Danny Gregory Photo: © 2004 Danny Gregory Visit to appreciate the full-sized image.

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