Moleskine Pens?

As unhealthy as many people see my obsession with faux-leather over-priced Italian pocket notebooks, its pens that is my secret addiction. I would love to hear what types of writing instruments people use with their Moleskines. What pens or pencils... Read More



Moleskinerie is. At unbillable hours [Thanks... Read More



The LIMITED EDITION Touch Ruled Pocket journals are made of the same quality materials as other Moleskine journals – with the added character of a 3-dimensional texture on the cover. MoleskineUS Feel it. … [Thanks... Read More



Recent comment: “I’m curious, the only guys I know who have blogged about moleskines are all Mac users. Is there a correlation? – or just more snobbery ??”... Read More


Discuss Amongst Yourselves

In a recent post, a Mollie left this comment: “Ciao from Milan,Italy! Just to let you know: Moleskine here is becoming more and more a fashion fact than an attitute (Modo & Modo, the producer, is based here)…It was so... Read More



“The following sites are the most contagious information currently spreading in the weblog community. 1001 Cheney’s grim vision: decades of war / Vice president says Bu…… » track this site | 2 links HS Culture 20.1.2004 – Nokia’s new... Read More


Nick Southall

“Wednesday, January 21, 2004 The Increasing(ly beautiful) Insanity Of The Outside World Some time ago I made reference on here to the fact that I use a Moleskine notebook, the type favoured by Henry VIII and Hemmingway and Attila The... Read More


Mike Rohde

WorkPod Modular Computing Concept A glimpse at a world famous designer’s Moleskine. View larger image @ the Moleskinerie Gallery Visit... Read More


Mail Call

Mollies love to write. Here are excerpts from emails we got and postings from their own websites. Thanks everyone for spreading the word. Note: Michaelangelo reproduction letter from the Fabriano Museo della Carta e della Filigrana … “… a new... Read More


Danny Gregory

On Martin Luther King Day. From the sketchbook of Danny Gregory Photo: © 2004 Danny Gregory Visit to appreciate the full-sized... Read More