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Chuck Green

“1. Moleskine for brainstorming.” A peek at Chuck Green’s notebook. … Photo: © 2004 Chuck Green Larger image is at the Moleskinerie Gallery.

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Log Book

Huan ying. Bienvenidos. Irashaimasu. Welkom. Merhaba. Maligayang pagdating. Bienvenue. Bruchim habayim. Willkommen. Bem-vindo. Hwangyong-hamnida. Benvenuti! Where is everybody from? The Moleskinerie Log Book is now open. Please sign in.

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Kung Hei Fat Choy!

“Regarding the economy, the year of the Monkey shows wood on the Heavenly stems and this wood will bring strong fire element, which is the driving force behind the old economy. This is particularly important for Asia, as the economic … Continue reading

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Care and Feeding

From BBCi: "Tips for Using the Moleskine Notebook       Although the book will fit in a back trouser pocket, if you’re going to carry it on your person, it’s less damaging to the book to put it in your … Continue reading

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Chicago & Merkins

I received the new Moonlight Chronicles from D. Price this afternoon. It includes a bunch of drawings from a trip we did to Chicago together several years ago. So I hauled my old book out to have a fresh look … Continue reading

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The Moleskine Obsession

There is something about these notebooks, isn’t there. I found one in a Barnes and Nobles when I was looking for a journal. It’s simplicity, functionality, elegance, ergonomics, and style all somehow combine into an item that is greater than … Continue reading

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What have I got in my pocket?

Bilbo Baggin’s memorable question remains relevant. As I am apparently the first guest blogger on Moleskinerie, let me answer the question (and no, it’s not just lint). First of all, some writing instrument. A mere Bic won’t do. A good … Continue reading

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The Zen principle of shibui is an acceptance and encouragement of the various quirks and vicissitudes of nature. The literal meaning of shibui refers to the “puckery and stringent qualities of the green persimmon” (Lennox Tierny). As Tierney points out, … Continue reading

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10 Virtues of Koh

“It brings communication with the transcendent. It refreshes mind and body. It removes impurity. It brings alertness. It is a companion in solitude. In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace. When it is plentiful, one … Continue reading

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Petrol station

“The only petrol station in the village next to the Isalo National Park in the center of Madagascar.” Photograph by Etienne, a fellow member at TrekEarth.

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