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From ODBlog, the suggestion on the last paragraph caught our eye:

“Little Black Notebook Blog

moleskinerie: What pens or pencils do you use when writing in your Moleskine?

I think our favorite notebook deserves its own fan site. I’ve got my first Moleskine about halfway filled at this point. Travel seems to be what prompts most of my notebook writing since I spend more time without a keyboard handy. There’s lots of reference material that’s been recorded. Overall its much higher density and much more useful compared to the Franklin Covey binder I was using before.

My pen? I’ve been using fountain pens for the last few years. Mostly low end ones. My favorite for writing is a Watermann Phileas. The problem is that the cap snaps on and is not particularly tight fitting so I don’t trust it in jacket or shirt pockets. It stays with the notepad I use at work meetings. It’s my Lamy silver Safari that I do most of my portable Moleskine writing with. I’ve got a rOtring Core that I often use when I’m feeling a bit more whimsical. I had a Pelican screw top that was nicer, but its MIA now.

I’d like to have a pen that somehow hooked onto the Moleskine, but all of the clips on my pens are too thick or shaped to hook over the top of the notebook.”

Dr. James Vornov
Author of “On Deciding Better”

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  1. I thought about how to clip a pen to the notebook but right now I just keep them in separate pockets. Today’s pens-of-the-day include a Rotring 600 Rollerball with a .5mm Pilot G2 Gel ink, a Waterman Phileas rollerball with a .7mm G2 refill, and a Rotring 600 .7mm mechanical pencil. I find that cargo pants are perfect for Moleskinning. The side pockets can hold two easily, my address book and my walk-around ‘Skine.

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