Radio Days


Last night while searching for a frequency guide for my trusty old Sony 2010 , I stumbled upon a virtual museum showcasing old QSLs. For those unfamiliar, these are cards or letters sent by shortwave stations to confirm a listener’s report. Looking at the yellowing artifacts reminded me of my early years listening to the BBC, Radio Australia and VOA back home. At night the nearer, i.e. stronger stations like Radio Peking and Radio Hanoi would interfere. 

In a Metafilter thread  a while back some presumably younger member ridiculed our discussion of this hobby citing advances in computers and other "higher" technologies. I guess he is unaware that during New York blackout, those hurricanes and countless other calamities it was radio; shortwave, ham, etc. that saved the day. I’m sticking to my Dayrunner and ‘2010 for a while longer.   

SWL QSL Card Museum

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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  1. If you’re interested in QSL cards, you might enjpoy my book, Hello World: a life in ham radio, the story of a ham who was on the air for 70 years and all of the people he spoke to in every corner of the world. For more on it, check out or pick up the book at Amazon.

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