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Do you have interesting links you want to share with us? It can be directly related to Moleskines, journal-keeping or other topics you think our readers might want to check out. Send us the name of the website (personal links are acceptable), URL and a short description of the site’s content. If you have a web presence, include it so we can give proper attribution.

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While we support the entrepreneural spirit, we don’t appreciate
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Update: 7.2.05
Due to spam, we have closed the comment box. You may email your links directly to us.

9 thoughts on “Suggest a Site

  1. One of the most beautiful and interesting author websites around is for Jonathan Carroll. Carroll has been called the American Murakami, although he has lived in Europe for years. His fans include Jonathan Lethem, Neil Gaiman and Stanislaw Lem to name an illustrious few. If you like the South American Magic Realists as well as writers like Murakami or John Irving, Carroll is for you.

  2. Somehow when I was on the internet, I stumbled
    upon the website dedicated to a very young
    and VERY talented ex libris artist named
    Ivan Miladovic. I’ve pasted his picture with
    a crooked window and guard in the front cover
    of my last Moleskine and the picture still dazzles me.
    It holds metaphoric meaning to me. Anyways,
    I’m rambling. But check this guy out. Dark
    work, but I love it.

    Ivan Miladovic

  3. A project just started in Nov in Hong Kong, targeting to share experience and artwork. Exhibition is to be held in Feb 05. Forum for discussion. Pls kindly comment.

  4. Found this good little blog spot to share:

    craftmonkeys is an online visual journal by Amanda and her 3 sisters. Postings are mostly by Amanda but they include some quirky IM chats between people as well as sketches, watercolors, paintings, photos and collages. Some interesting work and funny links here.

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