January 2004


The little black notebook as seen across the world. This month’s location is Cebu, Philippines at the annual Sinulog festival.  Your photographs are welcome.

Graphics by Norman Nimer

Download wallpaper here or view a larger image at the Gallery.

February 2004


Romantic Notes. Body Haiku.
Graphics by Norman Nimer.

Download wallpaper here

Download Mike Shea’s "Writing Tips .PDF" here.

Artwork by Bill Bigwood

Buttons for download. Please host images in your server.
All images ©2004 A.B.F. All Rights Reserved
The URL is:

<img alt=

mkyel30.jpg  miniblu30.jpg









For the curious, these are a few of the thematic logo design variations that has appeared on Moleskinerie to mark different occasions.  Email us in advance to commemorate your National Day, etc.


Credits: "Olympics" © Athens2004, "Harry Potter" © Warner Brothers

Update 4.18.05


Moleskine icons for your Mac
Courtesy of Patrick Ng

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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5 Responses to Downloadables

  1. jerryt says:

    I don’t see a light green colored design (blank pages notebook) in your list of buttons. Am I color blind or is my monitor messing up your colors? – jerryt

  2. Myrtle "kaye" says:

    Romantic Notes. Body Haiku.
    Graphics by Norman Nimer.

    — you never cease to be romantic pareng blink!! 🙂
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and God bless!

  3. Nancy Patterson says:

    I don’t know where to post this–I saw a moleskin siting on the ABC tv show “Men in Trees”. I’m on dial up connection, so I can’t download the part of the show, but it was pretty close to the beginning 15 minutes of the show–if anyone wants to get the picture. The star, Anne Heche, was looking through her boyfriend’s things..and found the notebook. Just thought I would let everyone know!


  4. KC says:


    In the first episode of House’s 4th season, a Moleskine also made an appearance. It had a pretty interesting role, too 🙂

    More power!

  5. Cindy Arnwine says:

    Last night I watched a movie called Alphabet Murders and the detective in the movies was using a pocket Moleskine! YA!

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