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Weekend Consultations & Unbillable Hours

© 2004 ABF I’m breaking my self-imposed “No Weekend Posting” rule to: – Welcome a very good friend, Dr. Claude Adriatico and wife Suzy to Moleskinerie. – Thank Steven of for his kind words on our site and – … Continue reading

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This Week on Moleskinerie

Feb. 23 The Legend of Vanilla By Return Post The Sound of Paper Feb. 24 Journeys: Venezuela 1001 Ink Bottles John Copeland Fat Tuesday Calories View to the Woods Feb. 25 Calligraphy Aramaic Milan @ Your Fingertips How can the … Continue reading

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“These pocket journals come with an aura. “ Today @ MUG Thanks Anne! Serendipity indeed.

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Prompts: A Trip to the Barber Shop

“The Little Viking, 18 months old, just had his first barbershop haircut, an experience that turned out to be terrifying, memorable and quite delicious.” Gabriella Boston “The shop smelled of Renaud’s French Talc, its exotic fine mist hung in the … Continue reading

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I Need Color!

Catch the spring fever at Loretta’s blog, pomegranatesandpaper

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The Thoughts I Write

“…in this brave new world, there’s still room for old habits. A notebook by use, or a journal by intent suits me. The act of writing itself, the transcription of thought into a surface, is a guilty pleasure. This urge … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Pollock

"It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well." Jackson Pollock Make Your Own Pollock by Miltos … Continue reading

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Website S l u g g i s h ness

“Over the past twenty-four hours you may have noticed website sluggishness on TypePad-generated sites. What happened?” … Well, it looks like we had a mogwai attack but we should be o.k.^_^ Details at TypePad. Image: Warner Brothers

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” What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?”

Learn your fate @ Quizilla [Thanks Lori]

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A Novice’s Guide to Writing

We all love our little Moleskine notebooks. We all know that the notebook is worthless if it has no words in it. Many of us want to write, whether it is fiction, a travelog, a journal, poetry, or just notes. … Continue reading

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