Acquired Tastes


“Grasshoppers can be found all over the world, and are probably the most commonly eaten insect. They are served in a variety of ways, including raw, friend and pounded into paste.”

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6 Responses to Acquired Tastes

  1. giusec says:

    Oh. Armand, did you ever tested it? 😐

  2. Armand says:

    I haven’t Giusec.:) I personally don’t think its a big deal – just another protein source.

  3. Edelmak says:

    Wow, I am impressed, Armand. However, I think that I will stick to my PowerBars!! 😉

  4. Mmmmm…..”friend” grasshoppers. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  5. Morgaine says:

    Once I visited an African friend. He was very pleased as he had something special for dinner. And yes, dinner indeed was really nice. After dinner I wanted to put the plates in the kitchen. Guess what I found there. Right, a whole bunch of grasshoppers. I’m like: what is this ??? He responded with a huge grin on his face: well *this* is what you’ve been eating earlier on.

    At first I was like: YIKES. But I have to admit, I did taste really good. Reason I didn’t recognise my food as a collection of grasshoppers was they were wrapped in some kind of dough.

  6. Nicola says:

    Yes, grasshoppers can be found all over the world including perching on my Mum’s washing line in Manchester. This one ( very obligingly posed for me, even waiting patiently as I dashed inside to get my camera.

    He was too friendly to be fried!

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