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“By Return Post is an experiment in the art of the handwritten note. Putting ink to paper is not a dying art, in fact, its more important today than ever. “Ink on paper is still the closest way to express the thoughts that really matter, on the occasion that really matters. – M. Shepherd”

In a time of digital communication, stop and place a request with ByReturnPost to experience the art of the handwritten letter. Within a few days, a hand-written note, will be delivered by Post — a small gift in a world of e-mail and instant messaging.

[Thanks Craig]

5 thoughts on “By Return Post

  1. Along with my Moleskine and fancy pen obsession came the realization that my handwriting sucks. I picked up a book on it but haven’t really seen much improvement except for my Fs and my Ts. If anyone has a good book or some good ideas on italics vs. scripts, I am all ears. I’d really like to get handwriting that was clear, clean, consistant and pleasing.

  2. My grandma taught me how to write when I was about 6. I’ve gone through phases of handwriting but I’ve settled on some form of cursive/calligraphy. This site is a good start.

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