“Cold Tracks”

Contest Entry to our first Black Notebook Mystery
Breaking News

Carlos Morales, enfant terrible of the Paris Academy of Dance and native of Spain, has been found dead on the island of South Georgia in the Antarctic apparently as a result of a tragic suicide pact. His body, and that of his companion, was discovered by Albert Jenkins, a whaler from the local whaling station, and his team of husky dogs during a recce of the island. Mr Jenkins reported that a small plane had been observed flying overhead when two people were seen jumping from the plane.


Enquiries revealed that the plane belonged to millionaire movie producer Scouty Zucchini, well known for his series of spy thrillers. Other passengers on the plane described how Carlos and Amelie D’Artagnan, prima ballerina at the Paris Opera, suddenly opened the door of the plane and leapt out. It seemed that their decision to commit suicide was pre-meditated.

Carlos and Amelie were well known in public as dancing partners – in private this couple, known for their romantic roles on stage, were also lovers. They had both come from humble beginnings and had met in Paris at the beginning of their careers.

A diary and a letter, sent by Carlos to Amelie during a recent tour, found near the bodies detailed their love affair and explained that they could not live without each other. The letter revealed that Amelie had been diagnosed with terminal cancer which had precipitated the terrible tragedy. In a poignant extract Carlos wrote, “I cannot live without my inspiration, my muse, the better part of my soul. Without her, life will cease. We will leave this world together and will be together for all eternity”.

Passengers on the luxury plane said that the pair had been drinking heavily and had consumed a bottle of Mexican Tequila between them. Carlos had insisted on playing a CD of tango music repeatedly during the journey. It is said to have been the music that the pair first danced to in public. Amelie had worn eye shades as the couple jumped from the plane, hand in hand.

Also found by the bodies were the remains of a packet of Skittles. They were found to contain high doses of narcotics and had been consumed in large quantities during the flight.

Among the possessions retrieved from the scene of this terrible tragedy was a single white feather. Police were at a loss to explain this item until Carlos’s close friend, Raoul Cortes, also a dancer at the Academy of Dance, explained that it was a symbol of a poem written by Carlos called “The Feather”, which described in great detail Amelie’s performance as the principal dancer in Swan Lake.

Scouty Zucchini and the passengers on the plane were said to be stunned by the tragedy. A joint funeral will take place on 14th February at St Julien le Pauvre in Paris. It is anticipated that fans will be out en masse to mourn the deaths of this celebrated couple.

Important Notice:

Deadline for this contest has been extended to March 15, 2004 to give ample time to prospective entrants.