Drawing Power


“Drawing Power has a simple but ambitious aim – to get everyone drawing. The Campaign was initiated in 2000 by The Guild of St George, a small charity founded by John Ruskin, the great Victorian artist, writer and visionary. Ruskin saw drawing as the foundation of visual thought. His mission was not to teach people how to draw, but how to see.”

A fascinating program in the UK to promote the joys of drawing.
Visit the official site.

Via Danny Gregory

3 thoughts on “Drawing Power

  1. I have to thank Danny for putting up something from the Drawing Power site. As someone who’s been drawing-challenged all his life, the idea of the Campaign does leave me thrilled. I’ll be exporing their site frequently. Thanks, Danny!

  2. Try reading the PDF at http://www.ideography.co.uk/drawing/download.html. A very easy, gentle intro to drawing.

    The other basic tip I’ve picked up from here and there: use a pen instead of a pencil. With a pen, you commit yourself to your line and notice why your drawing doesn’t ‘look’ right. And of course, draw a little something every day. Not all lines have to be straight, nor all drawings photo-realistic.

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