Make Your Own Pollock

"It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well."

Jackson Pollock


Make Your Own Pollock
by Miltos Manetas

Note: Shockwave required

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Pollock

  1. Miltos Manetas is a chump, and a thief.

    The guy who is claiming authorship for this project, Miltos Manetas, out and out *stole* this work from us without asking, and posted it to his website despite requests from us to take it down.

    The project was originally posted here:

    and there is a story about the theft here:

    We have repeatedly asked Miltos to take the work down, but he has refused, and has even used the work in exhibitions of his own. It’s one thing to use someone else’s work. But to use it in this blatant fashion and claim credit for it is beyond lame.

  2. Dear Eric
    I never said that I made the animation myself: I am not a programmer, I am an artist. I put together things and I create content. Here is the story:

    1. Pollock made his famous paintings using the dripping technique from an amateur female painter – the mother of a friend of his- who had a show before him at Peggy Guggenheim’s gallery.

    2. You used Pollock’s dripping technique to make a flash animation that emulates it.

    3. I used your flash animation to create a new artwork: a ghost of Pollock online.

    Miltos Manetas

  3. It’s something to be inspired by someone’s work and to apply it to another medium…

    It’s wholly another to blatantly STEAL someone’s product / project, to claim ownership of it, and try to justify his wrongdoing by applying a pretentious new concept that does nothing to change the original piece.

    You sir are a thief, an ignoramus, and a sorry excuse for an artist.

    John Rubio

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