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Thanks to Armand’s invitation, I will start today writing about Milan and its life. My first intention was to start with a great scoop: visiting and taking some pictures of Modo&Modo. Well, nothing to write and to photograph, since the M&M shop is…not a shop. Here is what I found going to the M&M address…

So…it’s just an office. No shops, no show room, nothing. Nothing more than a closed door…

This weekend is the weekend of BIT: Borsa Internazionale del Turismo, the Tourism International TradeShow. One of the biggest in Europe. Every country owns a booth.


I’ve visited the show on Saturday and I was astonished in front of the amazing Cuba booth. Huge. Other very big areas: Austria (with the new symbol, the 2 penguins. Recall Linux, more than Austria…), France, Spain, Mexico, the MO countries.

US reduced its space a lot. Very interesting to see the Palestinian booth, full of military and bodyguards. Above is a picture, “from Cuba”.

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  1. As a former Vienna resident and someone who wrote his doctoral thesis on the Habsburg Monarchy…and someone who finds penguins delightful, all I can say about the Austrian booth is…yay, Austria!! And the Modo & Modo closed door offers such a vision of secrets and hidden wonders…

  2. What kind of site is this?

    A: Please goto:
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    and, babelfish translation into italian sucks. wonder how it is in the other languages 🙂 cAt

    It is a free service. I suggest you hire your own translator. Don’t even start trolling here. It is not tolerated. This will be the end of this discussion.

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