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You are aware about the role of coffee in Italian culture…But do you really know how to order it? Here is a short guide for everyone planning a trip in Italy or willing to “act like an Italian” at the coffee bar.

First of all, stand at the bar counter with other Italians. Don’t sit in a table and you will save several euros. Then, order one of the following:

- Cappuccino (or Cappuccio). Friends, don’t do the mistake! Cappuccino has to be ordered at breakfast only! Ordering after lunch/dinner is not italian at all :-)
- Caffè. When you order a caffè, an espresso will be served, by default. It’s the traditional strong shot of coffe.
- Caffè macchiato. It’s the espresso stained with a dash of milk. Can be macchiato caldo (hot milk) or macchiato freddo (cold milk)
- Caffè doppio. It’s two shots of caffè (espresso)
- Caffè latte. A cup of milk with a small amount of caffè. Don’t donfuse it with caffè macchiato!
- Caffè marocchino. It’s becoming more and more popular in Milan and nothern Italy. It’s a caffè served in a glass, with chocolate pouder and milk
- Caffè corretto. Caffè “corrected” with grappa or other liquor…strong, don’t order at breakfast!
- Caffè decaffeinato. Caffè from decaf coffee.

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  1. lca says:

    hehe, nice report. :) cincin! :)

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