Moleskinerie Community Update


We have 24 members so far @ Orkut but I’m having issues with sending invites for more. If you still haven’t received an invitation it could be due to these issues, as emailed by Morgaine:

“…when browsing the various communities I’ve come accross some threads that might explain why your friends didn’t get their invites. I myself have several friends that didn’t get them. Even tried several e-mail addresses…. Let me point you to the threads that explain why:

[Links available to members] (about the hotmail issue) (how invitations perhaps never get sent in the first place)

If this isn’t resolved we may have to look for a more stable platform. Your thoughts are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Moleskinerie Community Update

  1. “A more stable platform” sounds like the best idea. I haven’t received the invite, despite several attempts by Armand, and I don’t have a hotmail account (can’t vouch for the other issue, since both links are Orkut-members only). And this isn’t the first time/place I’ve heard of problems with Orkut invitations. If it’s a moleskine-users community you’re after, why not install a forum here, ala phpBB?

  2. I would appreciate if someone of you sends me an invite to orkut. I have been reading a lot about this site but never got a chance to see what it is.

    Thank you

    Moham Jabb

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