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Journeys: Venezuela

Over the sacred Kamaramacoto mountain and Angel Falls. Jordi Diez Andorra View a larger image @ TrekEarth Image:©2003 JD

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The Sound of Paper

While soaking in the tub yesterday, I heard the front door open, followed by the familiar flap of the mail slot, then envelopes sliding across the painted wood floor. I thought of Julia Cameron, who has a new book out … Continue reading

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By Return Post

“By Return Post is an experiment in the art of the handwritten note. Putting ink to paper is not a dying art, in fact, its more important today than ever. “Ink on paper is still the closest way to express … Continue reading

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Dispatches from the Vanishing World

50 acres of tropical rainforest are said to be disappearing every minute. Millions of species of animals and plants around the world are going extinct at an ever-accelerating rate, many of them before they can even be identified or their … Continue reading

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The Legend of Vanilla

In early times, the Land of the Resplendent Moon, was the kingdom of Totonocopan, ruled by the Totonacas. The palm-studded sands, verdant valleys, and shimmering hills and sierra in what is now known as Vera Cruz, were overseen from several … Continue reading

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The Zen of ‘skine

Copyright © 2004 ABF

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This Week on Moleskinerie

Feb. 16 Giusec Feb. 16 “Cold Tracks” Feb. 16 Wallpaperie 2.04 Feb. 17 Journeys: Peru! Feb. 17 Fredrik Appelberg Feb. 17 Trish Harvey Feb. 17 Moleskinerie Community Update Feb. 17 Primary Blues Feb. 18 Journeys: Brazil! Feb. 18 Eugène Delacroix … Continue reading

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Listen: Le souk Khan el Khalili Copyright Cl. Vittiglio/TV5 “The street is rich of these details. It’s a permanent field of discoveries and experiments. It’s the place of the unforeseen and of the mixture. It’s a superposition in time and … Continue reading

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Carnevale di Venezia

Venice Carnival 2004, February 7-24 Oriental Express Masked journey on the Silk Road India Thailand China Japan by the artistic director Felice Laudadio In a beautiful book by the historian Pietro Melograni dedicated to Mozart’s biography, there is a passage … Continue reading

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Jordan: A perfectionist who worries a lot Michael Jordan is known as one of the most dominating and supremely confident athletes in sports history. But what does Jordan’s signature say about his personality? Athletes are constantly being asked for their … Continue reading

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