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Valentine’s Night


Feb. 9 What’s in your pocket?

Feb. 9 Love Notes

Feb. 9 Hello Pentrace!

Feb. 10 Funnies

Feb. 10 Fabrizio Ferri Benedetti

Feb. 11 Sonnet 137

Feb. 11 Journeys: Somewhere over Asia

Feb. 12 Got Style?

Feb. 12 Sprezzatura

Feb. 12 We Try Harder

Feb. 12 Journeys: Nepal

Feb. 13 Coming Soon: The Milan Report

Feb. 13 The Moleskinerie Community

Feb. 13 Roses are Red

Cartoon by A.B.F. Copyright © 2004 All Rights Reserved

Book Kama Sutra


From our friend Danny Gregory, this hilarious illustration. View the rest of the positions at his blog.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Image: © 2004 D.G/Bookslut.; All Rights Reserved