Weekend Consultations & Unbillable Hours

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I’m breaking my self-imposed “No Weekend Posting” rule to:

– Welcome a very good friend, Dr. Claude Adriatico and wife Suzy to Moleskinerie.
– Thank Steven of Plep.org for his kind words on our site and
– Share with you this piece on fellow ‘skine user TPB:


“TPB Hits the Big Time

. . . and inspires the renaming of a happy hour drink in his honor. Called “Legal Ease,” it’s Bombay Sapphire Gin plus tonic. Don’t try it until noon!

Now, more about TPB. TPB’s blog unbillable hours is unique for a number of reasons, most notably TPB’s frequent fiction postings. TPB’s willingness to put his fiction on his blog brings to mind a recent post at Fool of the Forest about literary journals in the age of weblogs.

Will blogs be to the 21st century what “little magazines” were to the 20th century? This was the question posed by George Wallace at Fool by way of Terry Teachout’s About Last Night. As it now stands, I think that many fiction writers–if they desire publication in literary journals–would be reluctant to post on blogs, since that counts as a “publication” and most journals demand at least first-time rights. This means if a story has been published on the Internet, even on a blog, a journal won’t consider it.

How unique is TPB’s unbillable hours? Are others posting their fiction? Why or why not? (And would it make any difference if their success could inspire a happy hour drink?)”

Evan Schaeffer
Notes from the (Legal) Underground

To think that he walked among us. Go TPB! 🙂

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