View to the Woods


“Illness, for me, has always been a source of writing and inner-probing. While, I’d prefer not to have cancer, cancer has been a source of strength and spiritual growth. I have learned to appreciate the moments as well as the opportunity to be in contact with people, who otherwise, I’d not had the pleasure share a few words.

I guess what I’ve come to realize about illness is that I’m just very aware of the importance of each sunrise and sunset, something that many people take for granted each day of their lives. None of us know when our life will end — those of us with illnesses are just a bit more aware of living fully and completely…

Journaling has been an integral aspect of my life for years. However, when I was re-diagnosed with cancer, journaling became a tool for maintaining a record of my daily health, as well as introspection into living with cancer. Much of my journaling becomes entries on Chemo Chronicles, as well as my Daily Life Observed site.”

Craig Miles