The Art of Noise

“Excessive loudness alone is sufficient to overpower the soul, to suspend its action, and to fill it with terror.” — Edmund Burke (A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful, 1756) “Noiseways New York... Read More


The Naturalist’s Notebook

“Observations: March 16, 1996 Time: 9:15 am Weather: Overcast and cold, slight snow cover Tiny Trails After a snowfall in Irving Nature Park you may see two pair of tiny tracks cut by a short horizontal line from a dragging... Read More


Van Gogh’s Letters

“I went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam this weekend. I am always inspired to look at an artist’s life in retrospect. They break it up by years, or when I saw Monet — geographical moves, and when I... Read More


Light Reading

Miniature books, most of which are less than three inches tall and some of which are smaller than a penny, have delighted readers for centuries. Popular because they were easily carried or concealed, these historic books range from tiny “Thumb... Read More



“I have been filling sketchbooks since elementary school, journals of my visual inspiration and ideas, concepts and words. I dedicate the late hours of the night to these pages, carry them on my travels and study them for improvement.” “Statement... Read More


Colours on the Road

“About 110,000 trucks and 91,000 buses are moving on a road network of almost 200 000 km. They are the most important means of transport in the country. Every owner of a bus or truck who takes a pride in... Read More



“It really must be tough being a monster. There aren’t any clothes in your size, and people run away screaming, getting superheroes to beat you up. Is it any wonder monsters can only find employment with mad scientists and other... Read More


Edwin Rolfe

“Madrid Madrid Madrid Madrid I call your name endlessly, savor it like a lover Ten irretrievable years have exploded like bombs since I last saw you, since last I slept in your arms of tenderness and wounded granite. Ten years... Read More


A Flyer’s Notebook

A peek at the notebook of Capt. Rizalindo S. Gigante “This sketch I made when sitting from my favorite seat and coffee ..this is the only Starbucks in Macau that opened a year ago which I should miss when I... Read More