By Sand and Sea


“Jawing at Ian about his messy room, I picked a couple of items up off the floor and tossed them on his desk. One was a little black sketch book that I’ve often thought would make a nice addition to my desk if it wasn’t filled with sketches and political satire cartoons. And then I thought…hey, wait….

I flipped the little book over and there embossed on the center bottom of the back cover was MOLESKINE ®. He’d purchased the book at a small art shop downtown. He had wanted something sturdy enough to hold up under a lot of traveling and something with paper heavy enough to handle pen and ink sketches and drawings. The store’s proprietor recommended that book.

This afternoon I wandered on downtown to see if the shop still had some Moleskines. Oh bliss, they did. I now have a large book with the blue wrapper. But wait. They’d added these to their collection. Small, pocket-size only, but ideal as an address book or for little notes. And mine is the luscious shade of purple. Yum.

And why does any of this matter, exactly? Well, I like to write in paper journals. It’s about as necessary as breathing, for me. If I wrote everything on the web that I write in a paper journal…well, I couldn’t. Besides, I write differently with pen and ink than I do with a keyboard. Finding a good working journal is not easy.”

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