WE HAVE A WINNER! “Cold Tracks” A Black Notebook Mystery


On January 28th we asked:

What happened here?

List of articles in the evidence photo:

1. Skittles, 1 pack
2. Feather, unknown specie
3. CD, “Symphonic Tango”
4. Foreign postal marking/stamps
5. Mailing envelope, opened
6. Black notebook
7. Letter, partially burned
8. Tequila bottle, small, unopened marked “Cozumel, Mexico”
9. Eyeshade for sleeping
10. Candy pieces, presumably from package
11. Fresh animal tracks, several unknown species

We received 2 imaginative entries, from Tim Moyle of New York and Nicola Cloudhill in the UK. Mike Shea, a Moleskinerie contributor sent a non-competing entry.

After thorough deliberations, we have decided to award the prize to TIM MOYLE!

He will receive an copy of “Everyday Matters”, especially autographed for Moleskinerie by artist Danny Gregory.


Congratulations and thanks for participating! We gratefully acknowledge Mr. Danny Gregory and Craig Miles for helping us out with this project.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to WE HAVE A WINNER! “Cold Tracks” A Black Notebook Mystery

  1. Nicola says:

    Congratulations Tim! I really enjoyed your entry. Well done on winning Cold Tracks.

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