Colours on the Road


“About 110,000 trucks and 91,000 buses are moving on a road network of almost 200 000 km. They are the most important means of transport in the country. Every owner of a bus or truck who takes a pride in himself takes care that his vehicle is highly decorated. Busses and trucks in Pakistan are loaded beyond the limit not only with goods but also with images, ornaments and symbols.

Hammered trims from shining metal, shimmering rosettes, reflectors of all colours, wood carvings, colourful chains and calligraphies beautify the trucks. The sides and the back exhibit the art of truck painters. The wooden sides are divided by struts into small segments which are often completely filled with different motifs. Flowers, animals, landscapes and portraits of women are represented most frequently, twined around with painted garlands and ornaments. The undivided back exhibits mostly a single motif. Mythical images like Buraq, the winged horse of Prophet Mohammad’s the celestial journey, portraits of popular Pakistani personalities or pictures of famous buildings can be found there.”

Colours on the road:
Truck Painting in Pakistan
@ Asienhaus

Photography © Martin Sökefeld