Columbus, Christophorus


“MARABU (= Mannheimer Reihe Altes Buch), formerly called Editio Theodoro-Palatina, is an online series of rare books and manuscripts of the early modern period originating from old Mannheim libraries. It offers free access to portrait galleries, emblem and fable books, maps, writings of learned women, sources of the history of the Palatinate, and more … Our facsimile color reproductions are each accompanied by an introduction and a table of contents.”

A Part of MATEO, a cooperative effort of members of Mannheim University

Image: Columbus, Christophorus: Epistola de insulis nuper inventis
(Beigefügt an:) Verardus, Carolus: Historia Baetica.
– Basel: Johann Bergmann von Olpe, 1494. – 36 Bl., 6 Holzschnitte; 19,2 x 14,6 cm

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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