Edwin Rolfe


“Madrid Madrid Madrid Madrid
I call your name endlessly, savor it like a lover
Ten irretrievable years have exploded like bombs
since I last saw you, since last I slept
in your arms of tenderness and wounded granite.
Ten years since I touched your face in the sun,
ten years since the homeless Guadarrama winds
moaned like shivering orphans through your veins
and I moaned with them.”

“Elegia” for Madrid
Edwin Rolfe (1909-1954)


Manuscript Drafts of Edwin Rolfe’s “Elegia”

Modern American Poetry, UIUC



“It is modern art’s most powerful antiwar statement… created by the twentieth century’s most well-known and least understood artist. But the mural called Guernica is not at all what Pablo Picasso has in mind when he agrees to paint the centerpiece for the Spanish Pavilion of the 1937 World’s Fair.”

Guernica: Testimony of War

PBS Treasures of the World