Flat Footing


“Schambra looked at ways to make City Knife II lighter and more packable. Her initial ideas were inspired by origami, in which paper is bisected, folded, and tucked. She sketched some quick ideas and then began experimenting with them. One concept involved slicing a piece of synthetic leather so that you could simply slip your foot into it. A second idea added creases to the form that, when unfolded, create structure.


To create City Knife II, Schambra drew on her previous work at Nike in developing new ways to streamline sports shoes. She designed the Avow, an athletic shoe for teenage girls with safety in mind (there’s room on the heel to write your name, phone number, and medical information), and created a training shoe for American sprinter John Drummond.”


Photo by Annie Schlechter/Metropolis

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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