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“Is there such a thing as a lazy traveler? Or does that automatically make me a tourist? Because I don’t want to be labeled a tourist. At least not till I’m much older and can afford to see the world from a different point of view. At the same time, I’m not that interested in seeing every sight, hiking every trail, or becoming best friends with every hostel goer I cross paths with.”

A very good friend sent me off with these bits of advice:
– Take pictures.
– Write in your journal.
– Drink coffee with people who don’t speak English.
– Be aware.
– Eat foreign candy. (That sounds good to me, even if I’d rather drink beer.)

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“Jennifer Leo is a dynamo in the best sense. She can write, she can promote, she can present, she can cajole, and she does it all with such grace and enthusiasm that you want to be in her presence. Just watch out for those bear hugs, she could crack a rib!”

—Larry Habegger, Executive Editor, Travelers’ Tales, Inc.


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