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“Once in a while, an artist comes along with whom you feel an instant connection. Genie McChane is one of those artists. A devotee of assemblage, photography, collage and book arts, her work is intriguing and welcoming. It reaches out to people and touches them all in different ways.

In the tradition of Joseph Cornell, Frida Kahlo and Dora Holzhandler, Ms. McChane is a self-taught artist. This allows her the freedom from the confines of any particular school or movement, as well as the spontaneity to be true to her own work.

She does not seem to create her work directly from preliminary studies, but rather finds inspiration and subject matter within her imagination. Her pieces are often based in childhood memories or events from the past, but are always presented in a very contemporary setting. Ms. McChane is able to transform found objects into journals, canvases and wonderful assemblage pieces which emit a certain fragility and at the same time strength. They are mementos of the past and glimpses into curious futures.”

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4 thoughts on “Just Genie

  1. Thank you for featuring Genie’s work and the link to my blog! The portion of the artist statement you included for Genie was written by Alexandra Valera, a painter and writer: http://www.injust-spring.com

    I am a huge supporter and fan of Genie’s work and collage; in her unique bricolage pieces, she seamlessly marries pop culture with activism — her recent pieces are that of a subtle revolutionary.

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