Maya Angelou


"Art is not a luxury. The artist is so necessary in our lives. The artist explains to us, or at least asks the questions which must be asked. And when there’s a question asked, there’s an answer somewhere. I don’t believe a question can be asked which doesn’t have an answer somewhere in the universe. That’s what the artist is supposed to do, to liberate us from our ignorance."

Maya Angelou

From Shambala Sun

[Thanks: mint tea & sympathy]

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7 Responses to Maya Angelou

  1. Nicky Acevedo says:

    My name is Nicky Acevedo and I am senior at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA. As a senior project for my Senior Seminar class I have to interview a poet and want nothing more then to interbiew Ms. Maya Angelou herself. Is there anyway that I can in fact get in contact with her to hold this interview? If you or anyone, for that matter, can e-mail me back at the e-mail address I have provided I would greatly

  2. Armand says:

    Hi Nicky,
    I’ve forwarded your request to a “talk show host” I know. ;). Let’s just cross our fingers she receives it and responds.

  3. doreida says:

    hi,my name is Dori and i,m in the third year of university,so i,m a student of english.maya angelou was one of the american writers that i had to work for,her poaems were very interesting and i enjoy very much.bye from Albania;Shkodra

  4. Heaven Draper with genesis school says:

    i think your wonderful

  5. Joy says:


    Have you tried contacting the PR department of her publisher?


  6. lee says:

    i am doing a project at school on maya angelou and i need some information on here plz email back with info or a good site that i could go to

  7. Sharon Jefferson says:

    My name is Sharon Jefferson. I am a middle school social studies teacher. I was touched by Dr. Angelou’s work when I was in high school. I have seen her in person twice in my life but have never had the pleasure of talking to her her. She has always been a maternal figure for me. It is my ultimate dream to have the opportunity to meet her. I am so jealous of Oprah! Is there an email address where I can contact her?
    Sharon Jefferson

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