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“A 133-pound tome about the Asian country of Bhutan that uses enough paper to cover a football field and a gallon of ink has been declared the world’s largest published book.

Author Michael Hawley, a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said it’s not a book to curl up with at bedtime — “unless you plan to sleep on it.”

Each copy of “Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Kingdom,” is 5-by-7 feet, 112 pages and costs about $2,000 to produce. Hawley is charging $10,000 to be donated to a charity he founded, Friendly Planet, which has built schools in Cambodia and Bhutan.”


A lecture in Hongkong/MJH

“My MIT work has always sought to creatively stretch digital infrastructures, embedding intelligence into
all sorts of artifacts and advancing the web of communications. We have worked on application areas
ranging from toys to kitchens to sports, and on expeditions ranging from Everest and Bhutan to Iceland and Hawaii. Powerful expeditions and exciting applications are a wonderful way to inspire ingenuity.”

Michael J. Hawley

Note from MJH: “Cute. I have my little black book with me here in Tokyo . . .”

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Update: New photos “Harry Winston Presents BHUTAN at an exclusive evening event in Tokyo”

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  1. I saw a prototype of the Bhutan book when they has just begun assembling it at the Acme bindery in Charlestown, MA. I don’t think they were even done printing the pages (they said it took about 24 hours *per image*) but it was gorgeous. If only I had two thousand bucks, and a whole extra room to keep it in.

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    it is me from Bhutan,
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    i would be happy if i get a chance to learn the photographic in ur university.

    i do hope it will be more better in future
    by making more books on bhutan.

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    from sangay

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