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Wild Life, Hot Air Balloons and other Cool Stuff

Brushtail Possum “Look who came to visit this morning. I arrived at work early to discover this small friend outside my window. Normally brushtail possums are nocturnal so it is unusual to have one wandering around outside your office looking … Continue reading

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The Haiku Postcard Foundation

No. 120 “Fiddle me with lips. I pretend I’m not alone. Pear without a pair.” The Haiku Postcard began as a series of insults from one brother to another. Gus Ramshackle was born in 1892, and by 1912 had been … Continue reading

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Old Things Are New Again

“I looked through all of the unusual mods and came across a mantle clock mod. The clock was from the 20s or 30s and it got me thinking about the possibility of doing a typewriter mod. I pulled the picture … Continue reading

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This Week on Moleskinerie

March 22 Fate, eBay Item #3710507099, The Legacy of Genghis Khan (Not Shown), Shawn Eisenach, “Starting the Journal Anew” Day March 23 One Word, Chatwin, Using the WiFi at Starbucks, Bread, Rolf Potts, Drawn from Life March 24 Write Space, … Continue reading

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The Moleskinerie Survey

In order to serve you better we are conducting the Moleskinerie Survey in cooperation with Craig Miles’ By Return Post. Results will not be used or shared except within the Moleskinerie community. Please take a few minutes to fill out … Continue reading

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Olivier Théreaux

“Small collectors of emotions, facts, sensations… and little notebooks, We collect and absorb information, making it ours, eventually giving it back. Moleskines are not just friends, they’re our alter-egos.” olivier, vendredi 20 fevrier 2004, 12:00 Visit his gallery © Olivier … Continue reading

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Inspiration: BLT Scented Candles

"I’ve invented Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato votive candles. Maybe I’m crazy, but here’s how my mind works: I love the smell of bacon cooking. I fantasize about having bacon grilling on the stove day and night. In my philosophic musings … Continue reading

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Prompts: Light + Time

“The official spelling is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight SavingS Time. Saving is used here as a verbal adjective (a participle). It modifies time and tells us more about its nature; namely, that it is characterized by the activity of … Continue reading

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The Rigging Of A Ship

34. chisel-nits 35. frelts 36. cusksnags 37. claut-snells 38. cleep-sturs 39. clap-slumbers 40. divots 41. chaffle-stays 42. crabhooks 43. clog-hauls 44. crap-hallyards 45. crud-claws 46. slirne-binkles 47. cleeg-newts 48. jig-bludgeon 49. flacks 50. bunnage… “The Rigging Of A Ship” A … Continue reading

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Mobile Computing

“We first removed the hood and seat part (they are detachable as part of the rickshaw’s design) as these were impractical for our use. This left us with a flat platform on the back of a sturdy three-wheeled machine. …Next … Continue reading

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