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“Spread the Word Contest”

Our friend, Craig Miles is holding a contest at “I am proud to announce the start of the “Spread the Word Contest.” The contest is simple. Share By Return Post with your friends and you will be entered into … Continue reading

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Mark Dennehy

“Stochastic kinematic system doodlings” A page from the notebook of Mark Dennehy Computer Vision and Robotics Research Group, Computer Science Dept., Trinity College Dublin View a larger image at the Moleskinerie Gallery © 2004 MD

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Bicycle Haiku

Bicycle Haiku is a reproduction of a sketchbook I kept while I rode my bicycle across the US in 1979. It contains an ink sketch and a haiku for each day of the three month 5,000 mile trip. A typical … Continue reading

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Carrot & Stick Press

We came across these exquisite creations: “Our letterpress printed pieces are made-to-order for any occasion. In addition to providing family and friends with the particulars of an affair, our custom designs set the tone for the celebration, whether it be … Continue reading

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Back to the Sea of Cortez

SHIP’S LOG: The bad news is our departure has been set back 14 days by big storms here last week, which were particularly strong on the Pacific Coast of northern California, and delayed getting the Gus-D into dry dock to … Continue reading

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India in India Ink

“During my travels and studies, for several reasons (lack of co-operation, Government regulations, prohibited photography, bad light, poor dark-room facilities, and cost) it was not always possible to document the happenings or artifacts on film. Over the years, I have … Continue reading

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Moleskinerie is a love child?

TJI*: “Moleskinerie is a new blog that I think is cool. It’s kinda like 1000 Journals had sex with McSweeny’s.” Thanks Jen Leo written road blog … [*This Just In]

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Eamonn Fitzgerald

“This is a story of diaries and coincidences. It’s now almost 16 years since I first read Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir, by Paul Monette. The book is a journal of the author’s final two years with his partner Roger … Continue reading

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Drawn from Life

“Frederik Ruysch (1638-1731) was a Dutch anatomist and a pioneer in techniques of preserving organs and tissue. In addition to his scientific contributions, he made artistic arrangements of his material. He had his own museum of curiosities, and among the … Continue reading

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Write Space

“I have a room with a life of its own. Some call it my office, I call it my space. It’s not the place where I hide or lay down and die, but one where I can be alone.” Carmen … Continue reading

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