Prompts: Hair!

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“I intend to grow it out a bit, and then cut it shorter than it is now. I promise not to make additional fan art about it.”


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“As far as these illustrious figures from history are concerned, the analysis would never have been possible without the hair’s extreme resistance. When in 1976, L’Oréal was entrusted with studying the hair of Rameses II, in collaboration with the Judiciary Identity laboratories, this hair had crossed no less than 33 centuries without any particular precautions being taken! Of course, the cuticle was severely damaged, but although time was partly responsible, the damage was also due to the very rudimentary combs which were used at the time. This did not furthermore prevent the grains of melanin contained in the cortex from being examined: a study which revealed that the Pharaoh was a natural redhead and that he used henna to accentuate this redness even further. Finally, the form of the hair proved that Rameses II belonged to a white race.”


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“Harmony and understanding
sympathy and trust abounding.
No more falsehoods or derisions
golden living dreams of visions.
Mystic crystals revelations
and the minds true liberation.”

MacDermot, Ragni & Rado, 1967