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“I stopped writing letters and notes, perhaps because of the advent of computers. It’s just so easy to send e-mails and Instant Messages. No one writes letters.

Well, almost no one.

I found, ironically enough, a Web site called “By Return Post.” If you point your browser to, and fill out a little form, a nice guy named Craig Miles will write a personal letter and send it to you. It’s on expensive stationery, written in Craig’s fine handwriting and mailed the old-fashioned way.

I was so intrigued I wrote back to Craig to ask him about why he’s doing this.

He enjoys writing letters, that’s why. He pays for the project himself and has written about 30 letters in the last six months. It’s a way to see “an idea put into action.”

He’s not selling anything, despite a mention on the Web site about a special blend of ink. He just wants us all to write more letters and has the time to do this. He carries paper with him, he says, and can write a letter anywhere — even places where there’s no Internet connection.

So, if you like getting or sending handwritten letters, get in touch with Craig. Tell him I sent you.”

Jim Six
Gloucester County Times

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WTG Craig! Stay well.

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