Say “mol-a-skeen-a”

We just noticed this exchange at Livejournal:


Yesterday, at brunch I was selling G on the beauty of the Moleskine experience.

Built-in bookmark! Elastic closey thing! Little accordion envelope! That’s what I’m talking ’bout!

I currently use two little ones (one ruled; one plain) and two big ones (again, ruled and plain) (with spares of each-sized ruled version as a backup).

Best. PDA. Ever. (that was just for you jg, my little luddite friend).

I must have been parking for that conversation which is a shame, because I would have totally co-huckstered with you. Me, I like the unruled, as I like to draw pictures AND take notes all freestyle-like, and since I’m anti-PDA, it magically solves all my data storage needs, both at home and on the go, not to mention the backwards compatibility is unbeatable.

And it degrades gracefully.

(I never get sick of that phrase.)

me, i never get sick of the phrase “elastic closey thingy.”

I am now all about the Moleskine. If its good enough for Andre Breton, its more than good enough for me.

mole-a-SKEEN-a! (said with swooping faux french/italian accent)

you learn something new every day. that f:)n rocks!

Now that I’ve found this very informative link correcting my pronunciation, I will say it like Sylvia Poggioli:


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  1. I’ve been looking for a good simple way of using these books to replace my PDA/Franklin brick/adresses /journal/ and every thing else that I fret over around the new year. So far I number the pages, leave a few blanks at the front and back, and go for it. I’m contemplating a month at a glance type insert that could go from book to book through out the year, and a most used adresss page for the folder( who really needs every single adress and phone number all the time.) … good lord, there is a web site for every neurosis.

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