“Spread the Word Contest”

Our friend, Craig Miles is holding a contest at ByReturnpost.com:


“I am proud to announce the start of the “Spread the Word Contest.”

The contest is simple. Share By Return Post with your friends and you will be entered into a drawing for The Art of the Handwritten Note by Margaret Shepherd.

There are a couple of rules or items to note:
– You can fill-out the “spread the word” form more than once.
– The drawing will be done at random.
– There will be two winners selected.
– The contest ends on April 22nd at midnight PST.
– Any submission with invalid e-mail addresses are removed.

The information you share will not be used for any other purpose than this contest. We will not share any of the names or e-mail addresses.

There are no tricks or hidden agendas. I want to get the word out to more people about By Return Post as well as share a wonderful book with two lucky winners.

That’s about it! To enter the contest, go to byreturnpost.com!

— Craig Miles