Spring is here!


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“If you can stand a raw egg on end, it has nothing to do with the Equinox.

This has to be one of the silliest misconceptions around, and it never seems to die. Every year, without fail, some TV station broadcasts a news segment showing local schoolchildren standing eggs on end on the first day of spring. Usually, the newscaster will make some vague mention about how this works, but it is rarely specific, and never holds up to too much scrutiny.”

Bad Astronomy

Cherry-blossom in the early morning at Yoshiwara by Ando Hiroshige

Slowly undressing
after seeing the blossoms-
rainbow sashes cling.

Sugita Hisajo

Image: B. Stewart

Note: The 2004 vernal equinox will occur at 11:49 p.m. MST, 19 March 2004, when spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere.

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