“Starting the Journal Anew” Day


“As a teenager, I kept a diary for six or seven years–full of the angst or exams and the trials of never having a date–that I wrote in frequently, if not daily. During the dormitory years at college, my diary transformed from lovelorn ramblings to costume sketches and reminders to go to class.

For years, I carried a sketchbook everywhere. That was fantastic. I paid a lot more attention to things around me. Any time I was bored I would grab my book and pen and draw whatever was handy. I did hundreds of little sketches. Some of them are horrible and others are quite good. I took notes in my sketchbooks, too.

But somehow, I stopped doing that. These days (in addition to this weblog) I keep a motley a variety of notebooks filled with to do lists, user interface designs, observations made on the train, grocery lists, meeting notes, and drawings. But I have too many of them. One in my bag, another in a jacket pocket, one on my desk…

So I declare today “starting the journal anew” day. I will keep a better journal. “Better” meaning I carry one with me everywhere and I use it creatively every day. Care to join me?”

Kuri @ Mediatinker

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P.S. from K:

“I found the Moleskine in August last year at an upscale interior/art supply store in Tokyo. What a great little notebook. Now it seems that many of my friends have bought them–when we get together it’s a flurry of little black notebooks and fountain pens.”

One thought on ““Starting the Journal Anew” Day

  1. I seem to be going the other way with plans for a multitude of moleskines: personal journal, pocket-sized books for quotations (secular and religious), and large moleskines for notes on my reading (again, secular and religious). Ambitious (and expensive) plans. Now if only I could find a pen that won’t leak through the paper…

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