The Haiku Postcard Foundation

No. 120

“Fiddle me with lips.
I pretend I’m not alone.
Pear without a pair.”

The Haiku Postcard began as a series of insults from one brother to another. Gus Ramshackle was born in 1892, and by 1912 had been courting a girl named Rosie for several months. He had fallen well and truly in love with her, writing her poems by candlelight and keeping notes about the best way to propose marriage to her. Gus’ identical twin brother, Irving, admired Rosie from afar, secretly and quietly in love with her. Gus and Rosie’s courtship lasted years, during which time Rosie succumbed to Irving’s wiles, eventually leaving Gus and eloping with his twin brother. Heartbroken and feeling betrayed by his closest blood, Gus embarked on a journey across America, and wherever he went, he sent insulting haiku postcards back to Irving and Rosie.

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