This Week on Moleskinerie


March 22
Fate, eBay Item #3710507099, The Legacy of Genghis Khan (Not Shown), Shawn Eisenach, “Starting the Journal Anew” Day

March 23
One Word, Chatwin, Using the WiFi at Starbucks, Bread, Rolf Potts, Drawn from Life

March 24
Write Space, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Moleskinerie is a love child?, India in India Ink

March 25
Back to the Sea of Cortez, Carrot & Stick Press , Bicycle Haiku , Mark Dennehy, “Spread the Word Contest”

March 26
Mobile Computing, The Rigging Of A Ship, Prompts: Light + Time, Inspiration: BLT Scented Candles, Olivier Théreaux