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March 8
The Art of the Arabic Book, Words Without Borders, Metaphor for Blogging, Michael Nobbs

March 9
School Bus, Moon Phases, Maps Project, Flâneur, Previously on M:

March 10
Journeys: Somaliland, Zuni Ritual Poetry, Llisuswom, In the Realm of Jet Lag , Moleskinerie Profile: Michael Hawley, Happy Birthday Gary !

March 11
Four Huts, Matthew Woodson, Torro, Stosh Machek, Traci Bunkers, Madrid Te Quiero

March 12
Item number: 3802463685, Creax, TANGO!, Blather, Winter’s Cocoon, The Morning News , Prompts: Hair!


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“One of my Moleskines, a daily memo book filled with random ephemera and more, has developed a small yet severe tear in the spine, at the top corner of the front, where the spine meets the front cover. The other remaining corners of the spine are showing signs of wear, where the black paper material has come away and is starting to show white underneath, smaller tears also on their way. Has anyone found a way to retard this, or at least to keep the notebook from falling apart?”

Dan @ Care and Feeding: