This Week on Moleskinerie


March 15 Make Your Own Mondrian, Journeys: Paris, Pragmatik, Little Women

March 16
“Cold Tracks” Contest Closing, Shiokadelicious!, Peter Arkle, Pass the Camera Project, “Cold Tracks” Entry, Say “mol-a-skeen-a”

March 17
Kava Kava, Journeys: Bahrain, Jen Leo, Writing Process, Happy Saint Pat’s

March 18
How to Be an Ethical Traveler — more or less!, Flat Footing,
Moleskinerie Profile: Howard Rheingold, Starting ‘Em Young, 100 Most Often Mispronounced Words

March 19
Дача: Dacha, Serena Fenton, Humus, Spring is here!

Greetings to Kevin Kelly, Rolf Potts, SharonB from Canberra, the students at SIIT, Bangkok, Kristine and Olivier (Japan), our friends from Brazil, Portugal and Mark Dennehy in Dublin.

Welcome to our new members at Orkut:
Jesse from Amsterdam and Nobuhiro from Japan.

Get well Rayco, safe travels to Howard Rheingold and Jen Leo and happy spring cleaning to Mike Rohde. Enjoy your blogging break! ^_^

RECENT Logbook Entry:

“…But then my life changed. I saw the Moleskin blank pages and bought it before moving to work on an animal sanctuary. I could slip this little book in my jean pocket and be ready to write down anything. A telephone number, a medicine for an animal, an idea…”

Russ Mead



Thanks to Christine @ Sushiesque for the cool bookplates.