Weather Forecasts

“April and May will be warmer than usual, with near- to above-normal rainfall. The summer will be hotter than normal, primarily due to an exceptionally hot August. Rainfall will be very close to normal, with the heaviest rains in July. September will be wet and mild, with heavy rain to close the month. October will also be wet, but with below-normal temperatures.”


Annual Weather Summary (Region 9)
November 2003 – October 2004
The Old Farmer’s Almanac


“We skip clumsy backyard sensors that provide only local temperature. Know if rain, heat, or cold is on the way ahead of time with forecasting data from the National Weather Service. The Beacon uses the nationwide wireless Ambient Information Network to provide current and forecast conditions. Premium users can even receive 5-day forecasts, barometric pressure, wind speed, pollen forecasts, and more for over 2,000 worldwide locations.”

The Weather Forecast Beacon
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“In his journal for January of 1806, then-Commander Beaufort wrote, “From now on I shall evaluate the force of the wind in accordance with the following scale, since nothing gives a more indefinite representation of the wind and the weather than the previously used expressions like moderate wind or cloudy weather.”

The Weather Legacy of Admiral
Sir Francis Beaufort

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